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The Berlin truck terror attack

December 21st, 2016

In their very first reactions to the Berlin massacre, the Hungarian media refrain from recalling how their government cautioned Germany against indiscriminately hosting a million asylum seekers. They quote experts who warn that Christmas fairs are impossible to protect against lone wolf terrorist attacks.

Magyar Idők’s main headline runs “The perpetrator was most probably a Pakistani citizen”.

Népszava‘s front page headline is simply  “Tragedy in Berlin”.

“Berlin hit by terror attack” offers Magyar Hirlap

Hirado.hu, the public media news site reports that PM Orbán expressed his shock and outrage in a message to Chancellor Angela Merkel. The site also quotes German-Hungarian terror expert Georg Spöttle that urban Christmas fairs are virtually impossible to protect against individual terrorists who follow internet instructions from ISIS to act on their own, whether by using home-made explosive devices or seizing vehicles and driving them into crowds.


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