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Left-wing cooperation efforts stalled

December 15th, 2016

A liberal commentator contends that the left-wing negotiations concerning preliminaries and joint opposition candidates at the 2018 Parliamentary election have run into the sand.

On Index, Szabolcs Dull thinks that the Left is running out of time to reach an agreement on joint candidates for the 2018 Parliamentary election. The liberal commentator recalls that the left-wing opposition parties have failed to agree on the technical details of preliminary elections proposed by the MSZP. Even worse, no candidates have been named so far to lead the would-be coalition of the Left, although several names have been considered according to different media reports, Dull adds. He speculates that even if the Left brokered a deal, Fidesz could possibly hijack the left-wing preliminaries through mobilizing its own sympathizers to elect left-wing joint candidates that are less likely to challenge Fidesz candidates. In light of all this, Dull concludes that the Left has once again wasted months with its futile efforts to form a coalition against Fidesz.

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