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Fidesz fights a war on two fronts

December 19th, 2016

A liberal commentator thinks that Fidesz is waging a war on two fronts. On the one hand, this is a struggle with Jobbik for the allegiance of the more radical right-wing leaning voters, while on the other the ruling party also wants to lure left-wing voters. 

On 24.hu, Roland Reiner describes  recent political moves by the governing party as a war on two fronts in order to protect its flanks. The liberal analyst recalls that Fidesz accused Jobbik leader Gábor Vona of putting party interests before national ones when he voted against Fidesz constitutional amendments to reject EU-wide mandatory migrant redistribution, while the pro-government media has alleged that Vona could have been involved in homosexual affairs. While attacking the Jobbik leader and outflanking him from the Right, the governing party is also increasing pensions and the minimum wage in an attempt to weaken the Left. The two parallel projects create dissatisfaction among centrist and moderate Fidesz voters, but Reiner doesn’t expect them to vote either for Jobbik or the Left,  and thus their discontent has no political implications. As long as Fidesz manages to defend its flanks from Jobbik and the Left, it has no reason to fear the next election, Reiner concludes. Especially since left-wing and Jobbik voters are not inclined to co-operate against the governing party, he claims.

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