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2016: the year of the ‘common sense’ revolt

December 29th, 2016

Conservative pundits reflecting on 2016 contend that the old global order has been shaken by the revolt of masses of people allegedly demanding ‘common sense policies’ rather than ‘politically correct ideologies’.

In Magyar Idők, László Néző suspects that in 2016, the old organizing principles of the world were shaken. The pro-government columnist describes the main political developments of the past year including the Brexit vote, Donald Trump’s election as US president, the rise of radical parties throughout Europe and the governance of Fidesz as ‘the revolt of the masses in the name of common sense against political correctness and ruling elites’ which he suggests were unable to offer meaningful answers to the dilemmas of everyday voters.

Magyar Hírlap’s László Domonkos also thinks that the world is undergoing important structural changes. The conservative commentator claims that the Hungarian government has been ‘a vanguard of the common sense global revolution’.


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