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Alt-left blogger calls for more identity politics

November 30th, 2016

A left-wing blogger thinks that the Left should abandon the idea that “the people” is one single unit and embrace diversity instead. It should mobilize underrepresented groups, without trying to create a homogenous nation.

On Kettős MérceZsolt Kapelner dismisses the idea that the Left should abandon identity politics. The alternative left-wing blogger thinks that the Left should try to mobilize under-represented minorities in order to challenge a mainstream Right which claims that it is working to create national unity. In other words, he explainsthe Left should try to create a diverse coalition whose heterogeneous interests are represented either by parliamentary parties or “professional revolutionaries”Kapelner contends that the Left should abandon altogether the idea that there is a homogenous people which it has a duty to represent. Proposing possible new left-wing models of mobilization, Kapelner mentions different anarchist Socialist movements, the 1968 protests and the Occupy movement.

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