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Satirical party to run for Parliament

October 7th, 2016

A conservative columnist calls the decision by the satirical Twin-Tailed Dog party to run for seats in Parliament a bad joke.

On Tuesday, the Twin-Tailed Dog Party which is known for its frivolous posters and graffiti campaigns announced that it would run nationwide for Parliamentary mandates in 2018. Polling companies have for the first time measured noticeable support (of one per cent) for ‘Twin-Tailed Dogs’ after last Sunday’s referendum where they argued for voters to cast invalid votes.

This is not funny at all, Barna Borbás comments in Heti Válasz. The conservative columnist admits that Twin-Tailed Dog’s satirical stunts were important elements of critical public discourse, but he can hardly imagine the joke party running as a serious contender in any election. Borbás suspects that many of those who like Twin-Tailed performances would prefer to vote for more serious parties. Should the satirical party decide nonetheless to run, they will further weaken and divide the Left, Borbás concludes.

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