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Ruminations on the chances of a broad left-wing alliance

October 19th, 2016

A left-wing blogger thinks that the end of Népszabadság, the leading left-wing daily will create an opportunity for the Left to unite and defeat Fidesz at the 2018 election.

The shutdown of Népszabadság provides an opportunity for the Left to ground a broad anti-Fidesz alliance, András Jámbor writes in Kettős Mérce. The left-wing blogger recalls a recent survey by the Publicus pollster company in which 36 per cent of the respondents thought that the Hungarian media is not free, and 67 per cent believed that Fidesz has the biggest influence on the media. Jámbor thinks that this survey, combined with the left-wing parties’ reaction to the shutdown of Népszabadság suggest that t coalition of the Left could challenge Fidesz at the 2018 election. The left-wing commentator notes that even if the diverse alliance of left-wing parties could not govern by itself, it could stop Fidesz from securing enough seats to form a government. In order to achieve this, voters dissatisfied with the current government should be more active, and participate in demonstrations as well as supporting independent media outlets and investigative journalism, he writes.

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