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Liberal politician proposes grand anti-Fidesz cooperation

October 18th, 2016

As a former liberal politician suggests that the Left should cooperate even with Jobbik in order to defeat Fidesz, a pro-government commentator accuses the opposition of serving the interests of global elites.

In Magyar Idők, János Somogyi wonders what makes a liberal politician so desperate that he would propose cooperation between the Left and Jobbik voters.

Earlier in October in an essay in Élet és Irodalom, Ferenc Kőszeg, founder of the former liberal SZDSZ party and the Helsinki Committee suggested that in order to defeat Fidesz, left-wing and liberal parties could cooperate with NGOs as well as with the radical Jobbik party. “One can vote even for Gábor Vona against Orbán. At this point, nothing is more important than getting rid of Orbán, Kőszeg wrote.

Somogyi (who used to be a legal expert in the Helsinki committee in the 1990s) thinks that Kőszeg finds any means acceptable to defeat the Prime Minister because Viktor Orbán has become leader of the political forces that want to stop the “international, globalist elites in Europe and the US that want to rule the world”. The pro-government commentator thinks that while PM Orbán is determined to defend Hungary’s national interests and sovereignty, Kőszeg and “other bitter losers, fake NGO-s financed by George Soros,” stage performances to weaken the government. But Somogyi thinks that these efforts are unlikely to succeed, as PM Orbán and his politics are becoming increasingly popular in western Europe as well.

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