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Diplomatic demarche against Russia TV comment on 1956

October 27th, 2016

A conservative pundit welcomes the move by the Foreign Ministry to summon the Russian ambassador to express indignation over a Moscow TV programme in which Hungary’s 1956 Revolution was characterized as a fascist uprising sponsored by the CIA.

On VálaszBálint Ablonczy advises thorough self-examination to those within the government who consider ‘the East’ as a rising world opposed to the ‘declining West’. He draws this lesson from the latest weekly news analysis by the main Russian public TV Channel whose host commentator told his audience that the 1956 uprising was orchestrated by CIA agents and the participants released thousands of fascist thugs from their prisons. The journalist, Dmitry Kisselyov is an authoritative personality, the director of the official news agency and deputy director of the public media conglomerate. In an aside, Ablonczy also castigates MSZP health expert Szófia Havas who told Russian TV that counter-revolutionaries went from house to house ‘in search of communists and Jews’. (Havas is late Prime Minister Gyula Horn’s niece. Her father was purportedly killed by the insurgents, but more probably by Soviet troops or Hungarian Communist militiamen, as he was a revolutionary council member.) He concludes by rejoicing over the fact that by now the only way ‘our friends in Moscow’ can teach us, ‘filthy counter-revolutionary scum’ a lesson is with televised lies, rather than with submachine guns.


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