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Conservative analyst calls for a more democratic EU

October 17th, 2016

A conservative columnist accuses the European Commission of serving corporate interests. He calls on the European Council to reclaim power and stop the further disintegration of the EU.

In Magyar Demokrata, Balázs Ágoston thinks that the European Commission is trying to “colonize” the EU. The pro-government commentator describes the European Commission as a “junta that serves multinational corporate interests” and its members as “agents whose aim is to act against the interests of Europe”. Ágoston even suggests that the European Commission wants to take power through a “coup d’état” in order to further centralize the EU in accordance with the interests of multinational corporations. In order to return to the original mission of the EU and stop its disintegration, Ágoston calls on the European Council to reclaim power from the unelected European Commission and strengthen the direct representation of EU member states. Ágoston believes that in this process, the Visegrád countries can play a leading role.

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