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Hillary Clinton’s health problems

September 14th, 2016

Commenting on the sudden collapse of the democratic presidential nominee during Sunday’s 9/11 anniversary commemoration at Ground Zero, the leading left-wing daily complains that neither candidate is willing to release relevant data about themselves, while a radical conservative commentator suspects that the scene was the beginning of the end of Mrs Clinton’s presidential aspirations.

In an unsigned editorial, Népszabadság remarks that gossip about Mrs Clinton’s poor health has been circulating for years. Anyone can be hit by a sudden nausea, the daily continues, but finds it highly unfortunate that it took the Clinton team 90 minutes to come forward with a communique about what had happened. The public were only informed about her pneumonia two days after she had been diagnosed with it. All this adds to her widely discussed e-mail scandal and strengthens her adversaries in their belief that she is not trustworthy, Népszabadság points out. The left-wing daily ends its comment by remarking that Donald Trump is no more open, since he has still to disclose a proper medical report on his health as well as his tax return. “Both of them are playing a blind bargain with the voters”, Népszabadság concludes.

In Magyar Hírlap, István Lovas points out that it was an ethnic Hungarian from Slovakia who recorded on video the moment when Mrs Clinton actually collapsed before being bungled into a car. (Mr Zdenek Gazda whose surname is of Hungarian origin is a former Czechoslovak Citizen who has been living in the United States since 1991.) After watching that footage, Lovas continues, precious few people will believe that Mrs Clinton is fit for the job of President. He recalls that the democratic candidate expressed disdain for millions of everyday Americans by saying that half of Donald Trump’s followers ‘belong in the basket of the deplorable’ and concludes that symbolically enough it was a simple bystander that happened to ruin the powerful Mrs Clinton’s presidential hopes.


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