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Liberal analyst on big party system disruption

August 13th, 2016

A liberal pundit thinks that the ‘Left vs Right’ split that has been dominant in Western democracies is will soon be replaced by a ‘globalist vs nationalist’ cleavage.

The party system in the West is falling apart,” Péter Magyari writes on 444.hu. The liberal pundit believes that the traditional Left-Right division that has for so long dominated politics in Western democracies is being replaced by another . The main fault line is to be globalization, Magyari suspects. He goes on to argue that mainstream centrist left- and right-wing parties are becoming challenged by parties that want to restore national sovereignty and limit the impact of globalization. Magyari thinks that in 2010, Fidesz was the first ‘sovereignist’ political party to come into power and question previous dogmas which took for granted the benefits of globalization. He clearly sides with the globalist camp and says the new anti-globalist parties have no concrete vision concerning the details of the post-globalization political structure. He describes them as being ‘populist nationalists’ who support direct democracy. Magyari concludes by predicting that the new cleavage may soon force moderate left-wing and right-wing centrist parties to converge against the new challengers.

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