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Együtt sides with Pope and Merkel over migration

August 3rd, 2016

A conservative commentator contends that the left-liberal party is condemning itself to oblivion by sticking its own announcements over the posters of the governing party advertising the ’quota referendum’.

’Együtt’ (‘Together’ in English), the political party originally set up to back up former Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai’s bid for the premiership in 2014, launched a campaign on Monday against the referendum proposed by the government on compulsory refugee relocation quotas. Its activists are placing their own yellow posters over the blue ones inviting voters to turn out in large numbers and ’send a message to Brussels’. In an interview on Monday, Együtt leader Viktor Szigetvári said his party ‘hates these posters’. In a Facebook note he added that ‘we agree with Merkel and the Pope’.

On Válasz, the Heti Válasz website, Barna Borbás thinks Együtt is now squandering its last chance of survival. It should use the referendum campaign to win over undecided voters, he explains, but ‘we hate those posters’ is hardly going to be an appealing slogan. Együtt is already barely noticeable in the polls and by failing to use this opportunity in a more skilful way it risks disappearing altogether, Borbás concludes.

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