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Clinton camp criticised over Russia

July 30th, 2016

A conservative and a centrist columnist ridicule the US Democrats for vilifying Russia and reviving Cold War propaganda in 2016.

In Magyar Hírlap, Gyula T. Máté, in an ironic piece, accuses the US Democrats of trying to scapegoat Russia for all global political crises and even the Democratic Party’s internal problems. The purpose of such fear mongering is to cover the US foreign policy fiascos and save Hillary Clinton’s face, whose reputation has been wounded after WikiLeaks published e-mails which prove the Democratic Party leadership tried to help Ms Clinton against Bernie Sanders, Máté writes. The conservative columnist finds it absurd that the US government suggests that Russia is responsible for the rise of IS and even for Brexit. He believes that these fears serve the interests of the US arms lobby.

The Russians are the new Jews. Or freemasons. Or the new Soros. Or the new migrants,” Albert Gazda comments in Magyar Nemzet. The centrist commentator finds it peculiar that the US Democratic Party is trying to boost Hillary Clinton’s chances at the November Presidential election by reviving the old anti-Russian propaganda of the Cold War. Gazda thinks it is absurd that US liberals including President Obama try to vilify Donald Trump by suggesting that he wants to cooperate with Russia and so harm the interests of the US. Gazda acknowledges that Russia has different interest than the US, but remarks that the revival of diplomatic conflict and geopolitical competition between the US and Russia has not been the result of Russia’s aggressive foreign policy. Until the Ukraine crisis, Russia was quite cooperative both with the EU and the West in general, he suggests.

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