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Next year’s budget passed

June 15th, 2016

A conservative commentator draws a positive balance of the economic policies pursued by the government over the past six years.

Analysing the budget for the year 2017 passed by Parliament on Monday, Magyar Hírlap‘s Csaba Szajlai finds three conspicuous shifts in emphasis – expenditure will significantly increase in public education, health and the civil service. Employees in all three of these fields have held prolonged demonstrations over the past two years. “Demonstrating apparently pays”, Szajlai remarks. He does not criticise, however, the increased paye-outs. What he is not sure about is the slow but steady increase in the share of public finances within the GDP through taxation and state owned enterprises. His overall assessment of the government’s performance is positive. Far from causing an implosion of public finances as prophesized by the opposition, the debt ratio is decreasing, deficits are kept low and modest and steady growth has by now become the norm.