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Conservative pundits on the perils of secularization

June 4th, 2016

Two conservative columnists blame secularization in Europe for inhumane political ideologies, environmental decline and the continent’s ‘inability to resist migration from the Muslim world.’

In Magyar Idők, Gábor Czakó contends that secularization has made Europe vulnerable to dangerous political ideologies. The conservative writer claims that in Europe, religion was replaced by “religious wars, Enlightenment, Bolshevism and Nazism”, but left without religion, the continent cannot resist what Czakó calls the “Muslim surge”. In addition, the secular West ruled by “the values of Satan” including consumerism and economic growth as an end in itself is unable to show moderation in the exploitation of the Earth, which may soon lead to an environmental catastrophe, Czakó fears.

If it wants to preserve itself, formerly Christian Europe must immediately understand the implications of the Muslim demographic boom,” Imre Boros writes in Magyar Hírlap. The conservative economist points out that while the populations of developed countries are aging, poor countries that are unable to support their populations are undergoing a demographic boom. In Boros’s interpretation, the engine of population growth in Africa and Asia is Islam. “We should understand the lesson of history. In the Middle Ages, Turks populated the former Orthodox Christian territories thanks to their higher birth rates. The same was repeated in the case of Kosovo and formerly Christian Albania”, he writes.

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