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The left urged to build an alternative

May 2nd, 2016
A left-wing analyst calls on  supporters of the opposition to work out a coherent alternative to the incumbent government, starting with properly defining their own identity.

In 168 óra, political scientist Zoltán Lakner believes that Fidesz’s rule has passed its zenith, because it can no longer justify itself by pointing a finger at the misdeeds of previous governments. It is now therefore trying to sell its own performance and the present conditions of society as an achievement, and Lakner deems that a risky enterprise because suddenly ‘dreams have to be matched with reality’. However, the opposition can only profit from that if they can offer a competing vision. Such a narrative can only be produced if the ‘critics of the Orbán-régime’ manage to ‘decide who they are’. He urges them to define what they think of the role of government versus that of the market, or again about equality, refugees and European integration.  They should also make up their minds on whether they are heading towards the left or towards the centre. Lakner is convinced that the present regime deserves to be criticised and that increasing elbow room is opening to its critics. The latter will not be able to use that elbow room, he concludes, ‘if they do not understand the society and the era we live in’.