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LMP proposes restricting rights of sex offenders

May 12th, 2016

Magyar Nemzet supports the LMP’s proposal to ban sex offenders from education and sports.

After the resignation of László Kiss, former coach of Hungary’s national swimming team (see BudaPost April 9), Népszabadság revealed that Kiss was involved in multiple cases of gang rape decades ago. The left-liberal LMP has put forward proposals to amend the Penal Code in order to ban sexual offenders found guilty of abusing minors from employment in schools, hospitals, sports organizations and other institutions where they would be in regular contact with minors.

Magyar Nemzet’s Zsuzsanna Körmendy welcomes the proposal and believes that it would serve the protection of minors. Although individuals with criminal records are already banned from certain professions including teaching, the conservative pundit finds it nonetheless a good idea to bolster the security of children. At the same time, she considers it disappointing that child abuse only gets public attention if the misdeeds of well-known personalities are reported in the media. Those who are now shocked should probably try to be more vigilant in their daily lives and pay more attention to possible child abuse in their neighbourhoods – and avoid stupid reality shows and other content which play on sexuality and normalize pornography, she suggests.

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