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A call to counter the Jihadist threat

April 20th, 2016

A migration expert, writing in the leading pro-government daily, claims that the attempt of Europe’s liberal elite to use only “politically correct” language, downplays the real threat posed by political Islam. She recommends that European governments go beyond liberal dogmas and design a complex set of pragmatic counter-terrorism polices in order to fight the jihadists.  

In Magyar Idők, Blanka Speidl from the Migration Research Institute finds it strange that liberals like to downplay the importance of the Jihadist threat rather than taking the claims of radical Islamists seriously. Speidl acknowledges that many Muslims endorse secularism and admits that militant Islam is only one of the many interpretations of the Koran. She nonetheless believes that it is complacent to think that Jihadism does not threaten Europe. To defeat militant Islam, Speidl recommends that Europe fight radical Jihadist ideology, defeat ISIS in the Middle East and should expect migrants from Muslim countries to “integrate culturally” into European societies.

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