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Son of Saul wins the Oscar

March 2nd, 2016

As László Nemes’ drama is awarded the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film, commentators offer various interpretations of the movie, but all agree that it is an important work of art.

Like all important works of art, Son of Saul conveys universal messages to its audience, Károly Kelen writes in Népszabadság. The left-wing columnist contends that the main message of Jeles’ film is that it is possible to remain humane even in the darkest times. Kelen finds it timely that contemporary Hungarian audiences are reminded of the importance of universal human values in the midst of the ongoing migration crisis.

In Magyar Idők, János Csontos thinks that Son of Saul is not a Holocaust movie. In the conservative pundit’s interpretation, the film uses the metaphor of the Holocaust to show how human beings in inhumane circumstances try to act in accordance with unwritten moral norms. Thus, any effort to appropriate the film and use it for political purposes is alien to Jeles’ intentions, Csontos claims. In conclusion, he notes that the success of the film should make all Hungarians proud.

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