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Ruminations on Donald Trump

March 5th, 2016

A conservative blogger hopes that Donald Trump wins the presidency and defeats what he calls the ‘politically correct mainstream elites’. The leading left-wing daily thinks that Trump’s victory would have catastrophic consequences.

Donal Trump has the chance to end the dictatorship of political correctness, Zsolt Jeszenszky writes on Mandiner. The conservative blogger explains Trump’s success with his ability to connect with everyday voters dissatisfied with elites, by using anti-establishment rhetoric. Jeszenszky thinks that Trump’s critics are wrong to assume that he has no proper leadership abilities. In conclusion, Jeszenszky writes that “we have to pray that Trump defeats Hillary Clinton”, and with her, the “complacent elites” that people are becoming increasingly alienated from.

This is no laughing matter any longer, Népszabadság in a front page editorial comments on Trump’s advance in the US presidential primaries. The leading left-wing daily identifies Trump as a loose cannon who lacks the basic qualities to run the greatest power in the world. Népszabadság ascribes Trump’s success to what it calls his ‘racist fear-mongering’, which  appeals to “Nazis in the US”. Trump’s presidency would have catastrophic consequences on politics well beyond the US, Népszabadság suspects.

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