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Merkel’s stance criticised

March 19th, 2016

A leading conservative pundit accuses the German chancellor of putting the future of her country and of Europe as a whole at risk by refusing to opt for a brand new immigration policy.

My country for a face!”, Magyar Nemzet’s Zsuzsanna Körmendy exclaims, describing Ms Merkel’s attitude towards migration, paraphrasing Shakespeare’s Richard III (“My country for a horse!”). She thinks the German Chancellor knows only too well that her welcome for an uncontrolled and unlimited mass of migrants was a failure, but she fails to admit it, because she is afraid of losing face. The result is that instead of proposing a policy shift towards bolstering the defence of Europe’s outer borders, she hopes Turkey will do the job for Europe. Körmendy’s editorial was posted at dawn, well before the second day of the European Summit on Friday, but she already took it for granted that the meeting would not open the way to a new and sustainable immigration policy. As for Hungary, she hopes that the ‘pan-European wave of hate’ Ms Merkel exposed Hungary to last year because of ‘Hungary’s law-abiding attitude’ is by now a thing of the past.


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