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Liberal elites accused of dogmatism and double standards

March 31st, 2016

A conservative historian thinks that the liberal elites who like to criticize national and Christian values prefer to rely on ‘politically correct’ dogmas and ideology when talking about migrants.

The Brussels terrorist attacks targeted our whole continent,” Mária Schmidt writes in Látószög blog. The conservative historian finds it peculiar that the same liberal intellectuals and politicians who like to criticize Christians are hesitant to generalize in the case of migrants. “They look down on Christians and those who hold on to national identity and traditional values. In their world, those who think differently are respected only if they are not whites and not Christians,” Schmidt contends. She adds that as a result of such ‘politically correct’ language, they cannot even acknowledge the failure of integration of Muslim migrants in western Europe. Schmidt thinks that the fact that the Paris terrorists could hide for months in Brussels is a clear indication that migrant communities do not respect European norms. Schmidt hopes that European elites that harshly criticized Hungarian efforts to seal the borders and stop the uncontrolled flow of migrants will now realize and acknowledge the dangers of mass migration.

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