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Fidesz support hits a peak

February 8th, 2016

Commenting on recent polls which show over 50 per cent support for Fidesz among probable voters, Hetek rejects the idea that the governing party will call early elections in order to regain a two thirds majority in Parliament, before emerging problems make this impossible.

In an unsigned analysis, Hetek suggests that if elections were held today, Fidesz would probably win back the two thirds majority in Parliament it lost a year ago, after being defeated in two by-elections. Fidesz insiders told the author that they were aware of the fragile nature of such a strong majority and remembered how left-wing dominance crumbled after 2006. The weekly was told by left-wing sources of their suspicion that the governing party might use this unique opportunity to try and crush the left in snap elections. As a pretext they might use the left’s rejection of a planned constitutional amendment, to introduce a special state of emergency in case of terrorist threats. However, the analysis continues, the Left is not the only competitor Fidesz has to face. Jobbik has not been shattered by the government’s successful campaign against mass migration, and has launched a risky operation to rebrand itself as a moderate party. In case Fidesz succeeds in crushing the left-wing, Jobbik would remain the only serious opposition force and could gather protest votes from all sides. Thus, Hetek concludes, it seems to be in Fidesz’s vital interest to keep the left wing alive.

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