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PM Orbán — a factor in international politics

January 1st, 2016

A conservative foreign affairs analyst concedes that Hungary’s Prime Minister has successfully promoted himself as an important factor in European politics, but laments the lack of a consistent foreign policy.

In Magyar Nemzet, Gábor Stier admits that far from becoming a pariah in international relations, as was suggested when he built a fence to stop the flow of illegal migrants, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has become an important player in the European field, as more and more governments are adopting measures to curb immigration. His anti-immigration stance bolstered his position at home, and even won him allies in the area, with Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia actively supporting his policies. Meanwhile, however, Stier thinks Hungary has lost support in neighbouring countries (Croatia and Slovenia) where the flow of migrants was diverted, as well as in Austria and Germany whose leaders have harshly  criticised Hungary’s stance. Nor does the commentator judge the government’s ‘eastern opening’ successful, while it has triggered resentment on the part of the United States. All in all, Stier believes, a consistent foreign policy agenda is badly needed “to promote not just the interests of the government, but of the country as a whole.”


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