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Washington’s optimism about terror criticized

December 31st, 2015

A pro-government commentator finds US State Department statements on peace in Syria and progress in the struggle against Islamist terrorism unfounded. 

In Magyar Hírlap, Ottó Nagy joins the international uproar following a blogpost by US State Department Spokesman John Kirby who wrote that America has brought peace and stability to Syria. Meanwhile, peace negotiations are still ahead and Syria is in ruins. Nagy also criticizes Kirby’s statement that the US is winning the battle against Islamist terrorism. He recalls that just before the San Bernardino massacre, President Obama thought ISIS had been kept at bay, but then he didn’t know what would happen a few days later. The State Department spokesman, on the other hand, made his optimistic statement when countries throughout the World are on high alert fearing terrorist attacks during New Year’s eve. The kind of peace and stability we yearn for over here, Nagy writes, is the one which allows us not to shake with fear whenever a bottle of champagne is opened with a bang.




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