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European Parliament condemns Hungary

December 18th, 2015

The number one left-wing daily is sceptical about the impact of the resolution adopted by the left-liberal majority of MEPs, accusing Hungary of systematically violating basic European values.

The resolution passed with votes by Socialist, Communist and Liberal MPs calls upon the European Commission to conduct a thorough analysis to find out if basic European values are systematically violated. It claims that Hungary is on a slide, as far as fundamental rights, including press freedom, the freedom of speech and of scientific research are concerned. It also mentions sexual, ethnic minorities and refugees as being treated unfairly. Conservative MEPs objected that such allegations were grossly exaggerated. The resolution passed with 327 votes against 293.

In its front page editorial, Népszabadság complains that probes and resolutions by the European Union have had precious little effect so far and predicts that neither will this latest one — the fifth in a row over the past four years —yield any results in practice. The Peoples Party has stood firmly behind the Hungarian government, and. Népszabadság suspects that this is because without the Fidesz MEPs, it would lose much of its weight in the European Parliament. All in all, the left wing daily thinks, the procedure is a show of weakness on the part of the Union.

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