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Europe tries to curb immigration

December 29th, 2015

As European leaders face growing problems at home as a result of mass immigration, a pro-government commentator blames the crisis on what he calls ‘liberal delusions’. His left-wing counterpart urges Europe to curb immigration in order to avoid a takeover by far right populist parties.

In Magyar Idők, psychologist Győző Szentgyörgyi describes the permissive immigration policy pursued by Europe’s leaders as a symptom of ‘liberal mental disorder’ whereby the subjects affected are unable to see reality as it is. He also claims that the free flow of refugees is welcomed by US policy makers.

In Népszabadság, Gábor Horváth suggests that Europe can simply not cope with another year like 2015. The million refugees already within its borders pose a huge challenge in themselves and as a reaction, far right radicalism has become a real threat throughout the continent. He thinks Europe and the United States are strong enough to help restore order in Syria and Libya and thus curb immigration.

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