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Christmas ruminations on the culture wars

December 25th, 2015

A conservative commentator calls for more moderation and sensitivity in ideological debates. Although the country can be run without a meaningful exchange of ideas, excessive polarization is harmful for society and the individual.

It is time to call a truce in the culture wars, the blogger Dobray writes on Mandiner. Commenting on the recent disputes over the status of women (see BudaPost December 19), and the cancelled statue for Bálint Hóman (see BudaPost December 12), Dobray finds it disappointing that due to the increasing radicalization of rhetoric both on Left and Right, it has become close to impossible to have a meaningful debate between the ideological trenches. Dobray thinks that the Left has become oversensitive on issues related to its own ideological agenda, while the Right has not shown enough sensitivity towards the considerations of the Left. The blogger goes on to note that as a result of this polarization of political vocabularies, even if there is a consensus on certain issues, it cannot be found. In conclusion, Dobray recommends that we learn from priests and psychologists, and try to understand each other’s concerns, fears and ideas so that we can thereafter engage in a meaningful debate. Although the country can be run without a dialogue, the absence of an exchange of ideas and the effort to understand one other is harmful to our interpersonal relations.