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The Hungarian left to be crushed by the “Warsaw Express”?

November 4th, 2015

A libertarian commentator thinks that Hungary’s left wing parties are doomed to insignificance, because they are unable to represent an alternative to the conservative and radical right wing. Just as Poland has followed the Hungarian example by voting the nationalist-conservative PiS party into government, Hungary’s Socialists will follow in the footsteps of their Polish kin, who have just been eliminated from parliament, László Seres predicts.

On HVG online, László Seres is convinced that the Hungarian left will soon fall victim to the ’Warsaw Express’. Hungary’s Socialists are trying to regain lost territory by demanding ’more money for the people’, while the rest of the Left has only one lone message, to get rid of PM Orbán, without telling the voters what they would do in government. Now Seres’s problem is that these messages are not perceived as a real alternative to the present government, because state paternalism is convincingly offered by the governing right wing, while diatribes against America and the West are more strongly represented by the radical right-wing Jobbik party, which has already encroached deep into the one time Socialist constituency in urban ‘rust belts’ and degraded rural areas. “The Warsaw Express will pull in within two and a half years. Mind the gap!” Seres warns.


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