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Slovenia erects a border fence

November 12th, 2015

The leading left-wing daily blames the absences of a common European migration and refugee framework for attempts by individual EU member states to secure their frontiers and keep refugees out in order to avert a humanitarian crisis within their own territories.

If Austria and Germany do not allow further migrants in, Slovenia has no choice but to close its borders with Croatia, Népszabadság comments. The leading left-wing daily points out that Slovenia could not take care of tens of thousands of migrants that would be stuck within its borders, and thus, it is left with no other choice than stopping asylum seekers at the Croatian border. “If we accept that these are the rules of the game, PM Orbán has also acted wisely,” Népszabadság notes referring to an earlier decision bythe Hungarian government to seal off its ‘green borders’ in order to stop the uncontrolled inflow of migrants. Népszabadság, however, calls for a joint EU scheme to to make sure that migrants who are denied entry to the Schengen borders will not be left without help to freeze in the cold.

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