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Paris terror seen as a consequence of mass immigration

November 17th, 2015

Comments on the Paris terrorist attacks continue do flood the pages of Hungary’s dailies and analysts agree that the failed integration of masses of immigrants is the main cause that drives young people to espouse radical Islamism.

In one of the six commentaries Népszabadság devotes to last Friday’s terror attacks in Paris. Gábor Horváth points out that Europe is weak and divided over migration issues, but stricter security measures are now bound to follow and he also expects efforts to put an end to the war in Syria to intensify. Although he does not explicitly blame terrorism on unfettered immigration, in his closing remarks he says “peace is necessary to keep Afghans and Syrians at home”.

In Magyar Nemzet, Csaba Lukács thinks many second and third generation immigrants living in ethnic enclaves in France turn their frustration into hatred of the majority. „We are already in trouble, as things stand today”, he writes, but the current wave of massive immigration that kind of frustration may take even greater dimensions within two decades at the most. „Something must be done against it,” he warns.



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