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Hungary rejects immigrant relocation quotas

November 19th, 2015

In a commentary on the anti-quota resolution passed by Parliament, the pro-government daily urges the West to curb immigration from Muslim countries ‘before it is too late.’ The Hungarian Parliament has instructed the government to take the EU rule on mandatory migration quotas to the European Court. Although the Socialist opposition voted against, it also opposes unlimited quotas

In Magyar Idők, political scientist Tamás Fricz interprets last Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris as proof that Professor Samuel Huntington was right in 1996 when he predicted a clash of civilisations, identifying Muslim civilisation as the main opponent of the West. Huntington clearly saw two decades ago, Fricz argues, that the difference in demographic trends was prompting masses of Muslims to emigrate, and he praised Western countries for reducing the number of non-Europeans being allowed to settle in Europe. Almost 20 years on, Fricz finds it absurd that Europe’s leaders should see in the flow of migrants the solution to Europe’s problems rather than a source of future ones. He calls on Europe to take urgent measures to protect itself.



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