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Hungarian perspectives on US-Russian Syria talks

October 2nd, 2015

Commentators both on Left and Right think that US-Russian cooperation would be essential to the resolution of the Syrian crisis and that without restoring order, the flow of migrants to Europe will not stop.

A small but important step, Mariann Őry in Magyar Hírlap comments on US President Obama’s and Russian President Putin’s talks at the UN General Assembly on Monday. The conservative columnist finds it promising that President Obama is willing to cooperate with Moscow. But unless the US and Russia agree on whether or not Assad could stay in power, there is little hope for reconciliation, Őry thinks. For Europe, the resolution of the Syrian crisis would be essential, since the flow of migrants is unlikely to stop if the war is prolonged, Őry notes.

In Népszabadság, Gábor Horváth contends that both Moscow and Washington are using the Syrian crisis to entrench their geopolitical power in the region. Despite the current parlays state of their diplomatic relations, the escalation of the Syrian crisis compels the US and Russia to cooperate in order to restore stability in the country, the left-wing commentator points out. Although this coalition is likely to be short-lived, Hungary and other countries have more geopolitical leeway and their security improves when great powers cooperate for strategic reasons, Horváth believes.

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