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First reactions to Brussels migration mini-summit

October 27th, 2015

In a comment on the EU mini-summit on migration held in Brussels on Sunday, the leading online news site contends that the leaked road plan may indicate that EU member states have finally realized the importance of coordinating their policies.

It took months, but the leaders of EU member states have finally agreed not to push migration problems onto each other, Index comments on the leaked 17 point road plan after the Brussels mini-summit. Index cites unnamed sources to suggest that the summit may indicate a U-turn in EU migration policy. Until now, EU member states did not coordinate their migration strategies despite the fact that in the Schengen zone, the handling of migration has cross-border consequences. The summit served as a good opportunity to air issues of importance to individual EU member states and ground further cooperation and coordination concerning migration, Index contends. The proposed mandatory registration, including biometric authentication of all migrants arriving in the EU, indicates an emerging consensus on the need to stop the uncontrolled inflow of migrants, Index notes.