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Hungary’s first day behind the fence

September 17th, 2015

As hundreds of migrants gathered on the Serbian side of Hungary’s border fence, and many hundred more set off towards Croatia, commentators discuss the implications of Hungary’s tough stance on immigration.

In Népszava, Péter Német disagrees with that 80% of the Hungarian population which according to the latest poll demands a firm response to the migration crisis. He says Hungary should not believe it is more intelligent, inventive or tougher than others and the presence of armed police and army units on both sides of the border may lead to bloodshed if a group of migrants lose their temper.

In its front-page editorial, Népszabadság calls what happened a shame “which even our grandchildren will experience.” He accuses the government of inhumane behaviour as well as of cynicism towards international law and of short-sightedness.

In his Magyar Nemzet editorial, Miklós Ugró also fears an explosion as a result of a large group of migrants pressed against Hungary’s closed border crossing. He bitterly remarks that the revolting migrants will be supported by Westerners who regularly denigrate Hungarians in order to cover up their frustrating impotence. Before they end up copying Hungary’s measures, he adds, sarcastically.

In Magyar Idők, historian László Petrin recalls that just as during the centuries of Ottoman expansion, Hungary is again protecting the West and Western Christianity. While the secularised West is led by leftist liberals, he continues and therefore don’t care about protecting Christianity. By embracing not only real refugees but also illegal migrants, the West risks being  progressively Islamised, Petrin fears.


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