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Hungary seals her border with Serbia

September 16th, 2015

As Hungary closes its southern borders to undocumented migrants, and begins to process their asylum applications at a special checkpoint, commentators fear that this is not the end of the migrant crisis.

In a front-page editorial, Népszabadság thinks that even if Hungary managed to deflect the migration wave towards other countries, the European Union will continue to be under pressure. Those who believe that the crisis can be averted by directing the migrants towards Slovenia, will be bitterly disappointed, Népszabadság continues. The left-wing daily believes the European Union risks falling apart into nation-states in the absence of a joint solution.

In Magyar Idők, Levente Sitkei warns that the reintroduction of border controls within the European Union threatens one of the basic achievements of European integration, the free movement of European citizens within the boundaries of the union. By defending the outer borders, he argues, Hungary also defends the Schengen system. When border controls are introduced by an increasing number of Western countries, the question arises, whether Schengen was just an illusion or the expression of an ideal all Europeans believe in.

In Magyar Nemzet, Gábor Stier criticises the European Union for engaging in what he considers a blame game, while “the house is on fire”. He urges European leaders to start facing the real problem by securing the outer borders of the Union, organising the acceptance of real refugees and, what is even more difficult, to try and handle the root problem, that is the crisis in Iraq and Syria. “Before it’s too late,” he adds.



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