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Hungary in international media crossfire

September 26th, 2015

A conservative historian thinks Hungary’s effort to keep the migrant crisis within boundaries will be appreciated once the turmoil is over, but for the moment she is being unfairly attacked by an international press chorus.

On Hungary Today, an English language news site owned by the Friends of Hungary Foundation, Joseph Imre a historian and senior government analyst calls the representation of Hungary’s attitude towards the migrant crisis “a disgraceful attempt to vilify Hungary.” The media has extensively shown Hungarian police using teargas and water cannon while preventing migrants from breaking through its sealed border, without showing the rock throwing mob and the injured Hungarians servicemen or the use of women and children as human shields during the attempted breakthrough, he remarks. Once ‘the hysteria subsides’, Imre hopes, Hungary’s behaviour will be appreciated and in fact, officials in Germany, Poland and other western countries are beginning to defend Hungary’s approach to the crisis. He concludes warning that a joint response to the challenge cannot be based on shaming those countries standing in the front line of the crisis.





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