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Compulsory migrant quotas

September 24th, 2015

As Hungary and its East European allies fail to block the approval by Brussels on compulsory migrant quotas, an anti-terrorist expert complains that Hungary is subjected to unfair international criticism, and that key European leaders still refuse to face the essence of the migrant crisis.

On Szeged Ma, a popular news portal based in the southern Hungarian town of Szeged, Georg Spöttle, a Hungarian-German anti-terrorist expert who spent decades in the ranks of the German anti-terrorist police, deems it unfair that Hungary is practically the only country being criticised day by day for its handling of the refugee crisis. No other countries that have either simply let refugees flow through their territory towards Western Europe, like Greece, Macedonia and Serbia, or have stopped them by employing police force and using teargas like Slovenia, or by building a border fence like Bulgaria have to face similar severe criticism. Spöttle calls this double standards in international relations. He believes Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany and other prominent European leaders still fail to understand that unless they put an end to the uncontrolled flow of migrants which is now often blocking key transport routes, tens of millions more may arrive in Europe. In that case, Spöttle thinks, Europe may lose its identity and may be in for “Islamisation, terrorist threats and civil war.”

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