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Cases of migrant violence attributed to illusions

September 30th, 2015

As sporadic cases of violence are reported from migrant centres in western Europe, a right-wing commentator accuses the European Left of arousing false expectations among migrants and asylum seekers about Europe.

Most migrants have a totally distorted picture of Europe. They think Europe is a Heaven on Earth where well-being, whatever that may mean, is provided and secured for all. They believe this, because we made them believe it,” Bálint Bazsó comments in the Jobbegyenes blog, on video footage of asylum seekers in different Western European countries complaining about the living conditions they have encountered. The fact that some economic migrants and refugees make a fuss about the lack of nearby restaurants, fast internet connection or other petty issues show how unrealistic their hopes they nurture about Europe. The right-wing commentator accuses the left of elevating migrants’ expectations through suggesting that they are all welcome in Europe, where they can expect the living-standards of European citizens. Bazsó fears that the tension between migrants’ expectations and the reality will create an explosive situation as migrants will be unwilling to accept either their lower economic status or deportation to their home countries.

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