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Juncker’s openness to migrants criticised

August 26th, 2015

A conservative columnist asks whether Mr Juncker’s position as President of the European Commission is not bigger a problem than migration itself.

On Válasz, (Heti Válasz’s website), István Dévényi finds it abhorrent that after long months of silence, the first thing the President of the European Commission thinks fit to say is that countries should take in all refugees and anyone who thinks otherwise should be considered un-European. If this is his masterplan, Dévényi argues, then Mr Juncker does not understand what Europe is all about. Those who “make irresponsible statements” about setting limits to migration, he believes, jeopardise “the greatest achievement” of the Union, namely the uncontrolled movement of people across its internal borders.  “Hey boss!” Dévényi exclaims, freedom of movement within the Union was not devised to let hundreds of thousands of outsiders wander without identity papers across member countries. Perhaps a man like Juncker at the helm of the European Union is a bigger problem than migration itself, he suggests.

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