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Conservatives on ‘EU solidarity deficit’

August 4th, 2015

A right-wing columnist thinks that the EU lacks the solidarity which would be essential to set up a common migration framework. Another pro-government commentator fears that the current legislative framework helps western European countries to selectively admit highly skilled migrants – and return the rest to the peripheries of the EU.

In Napi Gazdaság, Zoltán Kottász calls for a clearer distinction of national and EU level responsibilities. The conservative columnist thinks that the European integration process has secured peace and stability. The process, however, has not fully resolved issues of solidarity and cooperation, Kottász suggests. He goes on to remark that in the current dispute over migration, all member states seem to be concerned only with their own problems and there is little chance that a common EU migration action plan can be agreed upon. Thus, nation states should take care of migration on their own, Kottász concludes.

Germany is cherry picking migrants, Zsolt Bayer comments in Magyar Hírlap on the German government’s plan to offer a preferential, fast track naturalization for highly skilled immigrants. The pro-government commentator speculates that Germany will get rid of the economically less useful, unproductive migrants and return them to countries where they entered the EU – to Hungary, among others. This selective admission strategy will soon be emulated by other western European states, Bayer predicts. “Unproductive and unmanageable migrants should be taken care of in the ‘loser’ East,” Bayer interprets the western view.

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