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PM Orbán is ‘no black sheep’ in Europe

July 30th, 2015

A liberal commentator claims that PM Orbán’s critics are mistaken when they assume that the Hungarian Prime Minister’s views on migration are unusual and marginal.

Although many think so, Viktor Orbán is no pariah in Europe. The Hungarian Prime Minister’s views on migration are not unprecedented,” Dániel Mikecz writes in Magyar Narancs. The opposition often accuses the government of following an ‘Eastern’ policy path that is alien from European ways, but eventually “Hungarian government politicians are not very different from their Western counterparts”, the liberal columnist remarks. He goes on to note that right-wing politicians throughout Europe advocate migration policies similar to those advocated by Mr Orbán. The Hungarian left likes to contrast his views with what the Left considers “the European solution to issues of migration”, but there is in fact no “European solution”, Mikecz claims. The big question for the Hungarian Left is whether they can formulate a meaningful and coherent answer to migration, or “decide to be left out of the dispute over the future of the EU and Hungary,” Mikecz concludes.

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