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Call for European action on migration

July 29th, 2015

A conservative columnist thinks that migration flows will force the European Left to reconsider its relation to the developing world, and abandon its former advocacy of  anti-colonialist ideologies.

The European Left can no longer maintain its ideology concerning the developing world, János Pelle muses in Napi Gazdaság. After World War 2, the European Left blamed all ills of poor countries in Africa and Asia on Western colonizers, Pelle maintains. He believes that by now it has become clear that the problems of the Global South continue even after they gain independence.  As migration from the developing world causes social tension in Europe, the Left cannot maintain its multicultural ideology, Pelle thinks. In conclusion he calls for a consensus of moderate left- and right-wing European parties so that the EU can work out a joint action plan concerning migration. Pelle contends that in addition to stopping the influx of migrants to Europe, the EU should try to establish security, stability and welfare in the Middle East and North Africa.

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