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Border fence to be completed by November

July 18th, 2015

As the authorities start building a ‘sample’ border fence section in southern Hungary, a conservative pundit explains why he believes boundless openness to the current wave of migration would be irresponsible.

On Thursday, Interior Minister Sándor Pintér and Defence Minister Csaba Hende inspected a sample of the border fence along the border with Serbia, due to be completed by the end of November. In comments to reporters, they said the government will decide next week which of the experimental four technologies used to build the barrier will be used. Meanwhile János Lázár, the Cabinet Minister in charge of the Prime Minister’s office, said the government will ask Parliament to qualify illegal border crossing as a criminal offense (it is currently defined as a misdemeanour).

On Mandiner, Gábor Bencsik asks whether it constitutes “a moral duty” to receive the millions of people “knocking at the doors of Europe”. He believes receiving them all would be “irresponsible goodness.” What is needed, he explains, is the kind of help that promises to be effective. Authorities have to ponder the fact that future conflicts will inevitably result if immigration reaches a certain level. “Is safeguarding the peace of our children and grandchildren not our moral responsibility as well?” he asks. Closing the gates completely would be abject egoism, he declares. While opening them fully, and letting everyone in, would be tantamount to “irresponsible goodness”. Responsible goodness requires that the authorities stop the migration flow, analyse each and every single case, let those in need in, and send back the rest, Bencsik concludes.


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