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A left-wing take on the Greek crisis

July 1st, 2015

Népszabadság’s commentator describes the Greek crisis as a symptom of deteriorating future prospects in Europe. He warns that far right movements are likely to profit from Europe’s crisis.

In Népszabadság, György Vári interprets the Greek rejection of the therapy offered by international creditors as a radical left-wing response to the ruling world trends of cutbacks on welfare and labour rights. The ruling circles, he continues, are intent on stifling this movement before it gets out of hand. On the other hand, traditional centre-left parties have been hard hit by their “well deserved extinction.” Thus he doubts if a return to “redistributive ad equalizing policies” is possible. To cap it all, in the face of its problems, Europe is not moving towards further integration, but on the contrary, the UK and Denmark are leading a movement towards looser co-operation. Under these conditions, the only energetic challenge to the crisis of Europe comes from the far right, Vári warns, before concluding that “dark times are ahead”.

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