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A conservative takes Tsipras’s side

July 10th, 2015

A leading conservative pundit thinks the leftist Greek government (like the right-wing Hungarian one five years ago) is right when to reject further financial restrictions, which have only plunged the country deeper into debt.

In his weekly Heti Válasz (print) editorial, Gábor Borókai says both European institutions and past Greek governments bear their own share of the debt guilt, so it would be unjust to punish the Greek population alone. He agrees with the Greek endeavour to seek a more advantageous and equitable deal with international creditors. He also approves the message of last Sunday’s Greek referendum, namely that “the poorer countries on the periphery of Europe simply cannot take on more burdens”. He interprets the Greek referendum result as further proof “of the unviability of the old world”. Borókai recalls that the forerunner in this field was PM Orbán of Hungary, with his measures aimed at redistributing revenues from banks and multinationals towards the public sphere.

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