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Reflections on Islamist terror

June 29th, 2015

The leading left-wing daily and a right-wing columnist, commenting on Friday’s terrorist attacks, caution the West against the use of force in Muslim countries.

The three terrorist attacks are part of an Islamic State strategy to mobilize supporters, Népszabadság comments on Friday’s terror spree in France, Kuwait and Tunisia, in a front page editorial. The leading left-wing daily believes that Islamic radicalism is popular among “rootless, religious zealots” in the West. As potential terrorists live within the Schengen borders, the Hungarian government’s fence planned on the southern border will not help keep terrorists out of the country, Népszabadság remarks. In conclusion, Népszabadság cautions against retaliation, noting that the use of force would only make things even worse.

Magyar Hírlap’s Zsolt Bayer thinks that the US has its share of responsibility for terrorism. The right-wing commentator believes that in the framework of Samuel Huntington’s ‘war of civilizations’ it was the West that attacked. In Bayer’s opinion, Western powers led by the US intruded into the Islamic World, committed horrible crimes against civilians there and destroyed existing states. The US also armed “the darkest Islamists” who have now declared war on the West, Bayer adds.