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MSZP protests against the anti-immigrant fence

June 20th, 2015

A conservative commentator debunks a “performance” held by Socialist politicians in front of the Fidesz headquarters, in protest against the fence the government plans to build along Hungary’s border with Serbia. The fence has been devised to halt the mounting migrant wave towards western Europe.

On Válasz, Heti Válasz’s website, Marcell Somogyi asks Socialist politicians who protest against the planned fence, what their own strategy to face massive illegal immigration is.  At their press conference in front of the Fidesz party headquarters on Thursday, two leading Socialist MPs, Ágnes Kunhalmi and Csaba Horváth sealed the entrance with a symbolic wire fence, and then removed it before leaving. A third MP, Ferenc Baja posed with a file photo showing late MSZP leader Gyula Horn as Foreign Minister in 1989 in the company of his Austrian counterpart, Alois Mock as the two of them dismantled the “Iron Curtain” on Hungary’s western border. Somogyi remarks that the section of the fence the two politicians solemnly cut through had to be specially rebuilt for the occasion, as the border fence had been removed months before that scene was photographed for the press. Meanwhile, the commentator continues, the public has not heard anything about what the Socialist Party suggests Hungary should do as a guardian of the outer border of the Schengen treaty, although the MSZP has admitted that the current wave of migrants across the Balkans “is a serious challenge to the Hungarian authorities”.




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