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Immigration – the story continues

June 17th, 2015

A pro-government commentator suggests that the French-Italian standoff over African migrants wanting to cross their common border proves the Hungarian government right in its campaign on illegal immigration. A left-wing author calls on progressive-minded people to show tangible solidarity with migrants.

In Napi Gazdaság, Levente Sitkei thinks both Italy and France are right in trying to preserve their countries’ way of life.  The conflict between them also shows that Hungary’s concern over the mounting flow of refugees is fully justified, he believes. The left-wing opposition may well accuse the government of racism, but this matter should not be used for political campaigns, he warns. “For this is the gravest danger threatening the European Union”.

In Népszabadság, sociologist Pál Tamás deplores the “poster war” underway in Budapest, calling the billboards telling migrants what the rules are misleading, while he brands those who deface the posters as infantile. Instead, he suggests, progressive-minded people should find objects in their households that migrants may need, and should take migrant children to the zoo with their own children, in order to show the kind of solidarity which would prove that they are motivated by deep rooted values rather than by potential political gains.


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